Jess has developed and delivered a number of different projects since the early 2000s. She is currently co-Director of the Equality Academy, which delivers specialist facilitation, coaching and consultancy to a range of different organisations to help them to understand and tackle intersecting inequalities.

Jess’ previous clients include Age UK, Glyndebourne Productions, Women’s Aid, Rape Crisis, several different universities and a range of different City and County Councils. Interventions she has delivered are blended, drawn from a menu of activities including leadership workshops, mentoring, action inquiry and action learning sets, training, conferences, equality audits and workplace assessments.

Some of Jess’ key recent projects are summarised below.

  • Survivors Network and Oxfordshire Rape Crisis (OSARCC) team development 2017-2018: Jess was commissioned to develop a programme to support staff to increase their awareness and understanding of how working within a feminist empowerment model translates into day to day practice- individually and collectively. This included exploring current values and how they link to feminist led practice, the value of diversity and the importance of holding common ground as an organisation to implement these.
  • Rape Crisis England and Wales (RCEW) 2017-current: Jess provides RCEW with regional tiered support across a range of issues identified by each region. This includes specific training, research or support, or intensive support for particular centres. In particular the work focuses on supporting service sustainability via exploring feminist governance, fundraising priorities and strategy.
  • Imkaan & Women’s Aid Sustainability Project 2015-2017– Jess provided a wide range of capacity building services including tender and service restructure, trustee support in CEO and senior management systems change, bid writing, research and recommendations, policy and organisational development, team strategic planning days, organisational development and change management.
  • Women’s Aid 2015-2016 Change that Lasts: Jess was commissioned to support Women’s Aid to develop an innovative delivery model to survivors of domestic violence across three pilots based in Sussex, London and Wales. This included conducting extensive desktop based research and producing a literature review around developing trauma informed services. She also facilitated multi- agency focus groups with specialist domestic violence services, service users and Local Authority Commissioners, and produced a substantive report outlining findings and key recommendations to develop and embed the model.