Our programmes


We can work with you in three main ways:


Circle is our most intensive programme in which we will investigate your institutional policies, practice and culture. This will involve the full programme of data collection, data analysis and action inquiry, working and engaging with individuals across the university.

Circle will:

  • Engage up to 1000 people across the institution
  • Collect data and provide an in-depth analysis over 12 months
  • Result in a comprehensive 40-page report on your institutional culture, with recommendations


Square provides a more light-touch approach, using surveys and focus groups to gather data and implementing action inquiry with a limited number of participants.

Square will:

  • Engage up to 250 people across the institution
  • Collect data and provide in-depth analysis over 6 months
  • Result in a 20-page report on your institutional culture

TRIANGLE PROGRAMME (for schools and departments)

Triangle is designed to work within the more limited scope of a school or department. It will involve all of the steps used for a cross-institutional analysis, but at a smaller scale.

Triangle will:

  • Engage up to 100 people within a school or department
  • Collect data and provide in-depth analysis over 3 months
  • Result in a 10-15-page report on your school or departmental culture

We can also work with you to develop a bespoke programme according to your needs and resources – contact us to find out more.