Changing University Cultures


Changing University Cultures (CHUCL) is a project designed to help universities evolve their cultures to promote equality and diversity and address issues such as bullying and harassment. 

We work with university staff and managers to encourage deep thinking and reflection on university cultures and how to bring about substantive sustainable change.

Our programme involves two phases: the first develops an in-depth understanding of the institutional culture using a mix of methods; and the second, based on our innovative Grounded Action Inquiry methodology, works directly with small groups to reflect on the institutional culture and build capacity to bring about change.

We work at different levels within universities in departments, schools, faculties and units. Use the menu links at the top to find out more about our research and our programmes of work, and if you would like to find out more about what we can do for you, please get in touch.

We welcome this report and the part it will play, along with a number of other insights, in helping to improve the experiences of our staff and students. We must now look closely at those issues which need to be addressed if we are to enhance the culture of the institution, not just for the benefit of a few but right across our diverse campus community. There are some excellent recommendations contained in the report.

Adam Tickell, Vice-Chancellor, Sussex University

I think it made me question my approach to power structures and hierarchies.

Julia Anderson, Departmental Manager for Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College